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5 Ways to Have Your Eggs Benedict at Latitudes

As far as breakfast staples go, nothing pleases a crowd quite like a perfect eggs Benedict — poached eggs, a creamy, luscious hollandaise sauce, buttery English muffins. Agree? Well then, if you’re staying at Delray Sands Resort, you’re in luck.

Not only does the kitchen at Latitudes whip up a mean basic (read: traditional) version, these chefs have also mastered several other interpretations you’ll want — no, need — to order on your first morning in town. (There’s even a special “All About Benedict” section on the menu.) From smoked salmon to lump crab, here are a few of the kitchen’s riffs on this decadent brunch classic and a little history lesson in case you’ve ever wondered, “Who is Benedict, anyway?”


Like many delicious things named after people — bananas Foster, crab Louis, Caesar salad, even margaritas — the origin story of eggs Benedict is not exactly easy to pin down. Some say it was invented at the Waldorf Hotel in New York City back in 1894, when a financier by the surname of Benedict placed an exacting order after a night of over-indulgence.

Another bestows the honor on one Mrs. LeGrand Benedict, circa 1860, who, after growing weary of her regular brunch orders at Manhattan’s Delmonico Restaurant, asked the chef to create her something altogether new. That something new — a toasted English muffin with Canadian bacon, a poached egg and a silky smothering of hollandaise sauce — became known as “Eggs a la Benedict.”


We prefer this second telling of the tale, because it speaks to the dish’s riff-ability. Swap out a few ingredients, and you’ll have whipped up something, well, altogether new. Perhaps that’s why the chefs at Delray Sands Resort’s oceanfront restaurant, Latitudes, dedicated a sizable portion of their breakfast menu to twists on the original. Here’s a taste:

1. The Classic

Just like Mrs. LeGrand Benedict would have wanted it: two poached eggs, Canadian bacon and hollandaise on a toasted English muffin.

2. The Veggie

Keep the eggs and hollandaise, but swap in sautéed spinach, avocado and tomato.

3. The Smoked Salmon

Up the luxury by trading the Canadian bacon for rich smoked salmon, and pair that with whipped cream cheese, capers and diced red onion. 

4. The Lump Crab

A taste of the sea: decadent chunks of fresh crab with fresh asparagus and bright tomato.

5. The Filet

The ultimate in opulence: tender filet and sultry bearnaise sauce. (We have a feeling that New York City financier would have been pleased with this take.)

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