New York Adirondacks

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New York Adirondacks

Beautiful lakes, studded with tree lined island, great camps, and arts and craft style cabins make this picturesque and all-American destination a beautiful one to visit in any season. From cruising the sparking lakes by boat in the summer, to hiking among the foliage in the fall, to cozy cabin mornings watching the snow fall in the winter – each season brings a fresh reason to plan an Adirondack adventure.



Lake George or Lake Placid? Your Ultimate Comparative Guide

If you were to ask a native New Yorker about the best Adirondack vacation destinations, the locations of “Lake George” and “Lake Placid” are usually said in the same breath. But that certainly doesn’t mean they are exact carbon copies of each other. Consider this your guide to determining which lakeside outpost should be the landing place for your next Adirondack vacation.

And Your Next Adirondack Getaway Is…

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