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The Best Mocktails to Fuel Your Key West Wellness Getaway

If you’re journeying to Key West for a wellness-focused getaway (good for you!), you may be wondering if you’ll have to miss out on the island’s legendary tiki culture — think thatched-roof bars, the metallic whir of blenders, tantalizing frozen drinks — if you’re not imbibing. 

Good news: You don’t — at least not at The Capitana. At the resort’s signature poolside bar, McKee’s Tiki Bar, just steps away from the bay, you can relax and unwind after a long day of adventuring with a refreshing tiki-inspired mocktail — all the fun and flavor, with zero of the booze.


First, let’s work up a thirst. At The Capitana, there are endless ways to maintain your healthy lifestyle, and it all starts in the resort’s fitness center, where you can ensure your workout routine stays on track. Trust us: It’s easier to look forward to a Peloton session when your view is the Capitana’s pristine waterfront.

If you’d rather work on your fitness while making the most of all that Key West has to offer, consider booking an onsite kayak or paddleboard. As you paddle through the crystal-clear waters of the nearby mangroves, you might get lucky and spot a manatee or a dolphin. Landlubbers can peddle their way through Key West’s historic Old Town.


After all that effort, it’s time to reward yourself with some R&R at the resort’s sparkling pool. Snag a lounge chair beneath the towering palms and cool off in the refreshing waters. Conveniently, McKee’s Tiki Bar is located on the pool deck — pull up a barstool under the tiki roof or order a treat to be delivered right to your lounge chair. A few favorites to consider:

The ‘No-Jito

A hand-crafted mélange of muddled limes, fresh mint and sweet agave, served shaken and topped with sparkling soda water. The bar team might encourage you to “enhance” the flavor by adding a splash of raspberry, strawberry or mango. 

The ‘Coastie

A blend of muddled oranges and lemons with cream of coconut, a splash of agave syrup and soda. The name plays homage to the Florida Keys unique location and ample coastline.

The ‘Chunky Monkey

A creamy combination of chocolate, banana and vanilla ice cream mix, best when blended with ice until smooth and served with a swirl of chocolate lining the cup. (This one can also be offered shaken, on the rocks.) It’s a bit of a splurge, but a delicious one at that! 

And if you’ve also worked up a hunger, there are plenty of wellness-inspired food items on the menu at McKee’s: roasted red pepper hummus, chilled shrimp cocktail, plant-focused flatbreads and more.

Don’t see something you like? Go off-menu! “More often than not, guests aren’t sure what to order when they approach McKee’s Tiki Bar,” says The Capitana’s food-and-beverage manager Lisa Sacco. “A quick assessment of their likes and dislikes gets gears spinning for our bartenders to create something special. When getting creative with concoctions — especially mocktails — our team is able to play ‘mad scientist’ which is loads of fun.”


Once you’re home, Key West can be more than just a memory. Get a taste of the island in your own kitchen by whipping up one of The Capitana’s signature mocktails.

The ‘No-Jito

3 lime wheels, halved

3 mint leaves

2 ounces agave syrup (or simple syrup)

Soda water, to taste

Using a pestle, muddle limes, mint and syrup in a non-glass cup. Fill cup with ice and add soda. Stir or “tumble” ingredients from one cup to another to incorporate ingredients. 

The ‘Coastie

2 orange wheels, halved

2 lemon wheels, halved

2 ounces cream of coconut

1 ounce agave syrup (or simple syrup)

Soda water, to taste

Using a pestle, muddle orange, lemon, cream of coconut and syrup in a non-glass cup. Fill cup with ice and add soda. Stir or “tumble” ingredients from one cup to another to incorporate ingredients. 

The ‘Chunky Monkey

1 banana

1 scoop vanilla ice cream

1 hearty squirt Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup (plus a squirt to line the inside walls of glass)

2 cups of ice

Whipped cream and a cherry on top (optional)

Put ice into blender. Add other ingredients and blend until smooth. Line inside of glass with chocolate syrup, rotating cup to get a “swirl” effect. Pour blended mix into cup. Add cherry and dollop of whipped cream, if desired.

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