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7 Drinks for Every Personality Type at Treasure Island Beach Resort

At Treasure Island Beach Resort, the beverage game is strong. Case in point: Just take a look at BRGR Kitchen & Bar’s extensive libations (Sunset Punch! Watermelon Margarita!), or pop over to the resort’s newly opened Sandbar, which dreams up an impressive menu of tiki-inspired concoctions. The question is: How do you choose? Don’t worry; we’ve paired up some superlative libations with their perfect personality type – bold, low-key, romantic, reliable, serious. 

Whether you kick off your laid-back day with a namaste at Treasure Islands Beach Resort’s restorative yoga at the beach or boldly jump off a glass bottom kayak to snorkel around mangrove islands, you can count on the perfect cocktail to be waiting for you at the resort. All you have to do is take a sip! 


You nailed your downward dog at beach yoga and perfected the art of getting sun-kissed on the pool deck. You drink the way you live: fresh and with no frills. You wouldn’t dream of judging your closest friends for their love for boozy cocktails, but you want to be free to wash away the day with a spirit-free libation. Trot by BRGR Kitchen & Bar to try a fresh-shaken Agave Lemonade made with fresh lemons, 100 percent organic agave nectar and a splash of sparkling soda.


There’s something about a sunset that appeals to every romantic; the display of crimson sky tugs at the heartstrings. If you’re the sort who falls for a good golden hour moment, this one’s for you. Stop by the Sandbar and order up a Sunset Punch – a delicious medley of sweet-and-tart raspberry and mango rum, mixed with freshly squeezed Florida orange and pineapple juice, and finished off with a splash of amaretto and grenadine. It’s a drink made for both lovebirds and believers of serendipitous encounters; Sidle up by the bar, and who knows what might happen!


You agree with Robert Frost’s quote, “Freedom lies in being bold.” If after a day of parasailing and diving deep into mangrove islands, your thirst for adventure is not yet quenched – then this IPA is the brew for you. Bitter, hoppy, and intense, IPAs favor the bold, and this Tampa-based brewery doesn’t take it easy with its hoptastic creation. Jai Alai IPA warms up your palate with a citrusy bitterness, followed by galloping notes of caramel, and ending with a rich malt character. Find it at BRGR Kitchen & Bar.


You’re an aesthetic maven who has an instinct for finding what takes your Insta-game to the next level. When it comes to drinks, you love anything that’s traditionally served in a copper mug; Who can blame you? It’s a perfect Instagram moment, especially when you clink those mugs with friends and frame it just right. This American spin on the Moscow Mule doesn’t stray away from the classic: a perfect year-round sipper consisting of vodka, ginger beer and lime. Simple, yes, but even you know that a good cocktail defies all trends. 


You love being the center of attention, and striking up a conversation with anyone is one of your not-so-secret talents. Outgoing personalities like yourself bring a little bit of everything to the party – just like a margarita. Sweet, salty, sour, bitter, with a hint of umami, a margarita is the perfect drink for social butterflies. And this Watermelon Margarita from BRGR Kitchen & Bar is an update on the original, whipped up with tequila, muddled watermelon, fresh Persian lime, and orange juice with a touch of organic agave nectar. One word: Yum! 


You planned the vacation, packed the bags and made sure the tank was full of gas for your ride to work after your hard-earned vacation. Now it’s your turn to kick back and relax in your sand- and sea-inspired suite and enjoy a time-honored drink, like a tried-and-true Traditional Mojito. No bells and whistles here; This old favorite keeps things classic. Anchored with rum, it features perfectly muddled mint sprigs and fresh lime with organic agave nectar, served in a tall glass. Just the way it’s meant to be. 


You might be more reserved in your demeanor, but in reality, you ascribe to the “work hard, play hard” mentality. That lifestyle is perfectly reflected in the Espresso Martini, which does well to balance the sharpness of the vodka with the nuttiness of kahlúa and espresso. Add to that some chocolate shavings for that sweet edge, and you have yourself a drink that hugs you with alcohol, jolts you awake with caffeine and leaves you wanting more with chocolate. Pick it up at BRGR Kitchen & Bar post dinner or as a brunch treat. 

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