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Name That Opal: Design in Detail

Just like our expansive and diverse Opal Collection footprint that extends from coastal Maine through the Florida Keys, the design and style within each of our 22 properties are far from uniform. Each destination has its own story to tell, culture to celebrate, and history to pay homage to — evidenced in each distinct Opal property’s thoughtful details — no matter how major or minor. How well do you know your favorite Opals? Let’s find out!


Hint ?
This laid-back Gulf Coast resort sits adjacent to 700 feet of ample private beach. You’ll find design elements inspired by shades of the sea reflected in the resort’s homage to its ocean roots. Powdery white sand, clear blue water, and ever-present golden sunshine are prominent on this resort’s color palette and can be seen in every room, suite, and dining area on the property. Name That Opal  (1 of 6) ?


Hint ?
This property finds its inspiration in nature, history, and the Gilded Age. Filled to the brim with antique treasures, you’ll find 50 stone fireplaces scattered throughout this property, handcrafted by Adirondack masons nonetheless, and guest rooms complete with beds carved by local artisans. You won’t experience any cabin fever at this unique, woodsy getaway.
Name That Opal (2 of 6) ?


Hint ?
Nestled in one of “America’s Happiest Seaside Towns,” this contemporary retreat is decorated with American-Caribbean design, modern comforts, and casual sophistication. Sleek and modern elements are the backdrop for this resort’s artfully placed, eccentric touches seen in details like the brass monkey fixtures at their bar and hanging egg chairs in the lobby.
Name That Opal (3 of 6) ?


Hint ?
Overlooking 230 acres of waterfront views off the east coast, this property’s aesthetic is best described as “
nautical.” Dating back to 1889, this sophisticated vacation spot has hosted families, politicians, and celebrities since the start and it’s no wonder they’re drawn to this coastal haven. Name That Opal (4 of 6) ?


Hint ?
This property was the first resort to be built on the island that it calls home in nearly 2 decades. It effortlessly blends in with its surroundings and softens the distinction between indoors and out, combining coastally-inspired decor throughout the property. Sandy earth tones support a spectrum of blues and greens that are sprinkled like sea glass in this resort’s design choices.
Name That Opal (5 of 6) ?


Hint ?
Radiating with authentic island vibes, this beachy retreat lies on 27-acres of secluded, private land, just 500 yards off of Key West, Florida. You’ll find one, two, three, and four-bedroom cottages draped in vivid bougainvillea and surrounded by the sound of gently rustling palm trees across this tropical paradise. Natural elements seamlessly make their way into each cottage taking shape in oversized driftwood artwork with floral touches.
Name That Opal (6 of 6) ?

So, how well do you really know your favorite Opal properties? Scroll down and see how you stack up. We’ve got one tip to get to know your Opal destinations a whole lot better – book yourself a trip! You deserve it after all.


  1. Sandpearl Resort
  2. Lake Placid Lodge
  3. Opal Grand Beachfront Resort & Spa
  4. Samoset Resort
  5. Hutchinson Shores Resort 
  6. Sunset Key Cottages

Where to Stay | Sandpearl Resort | Lake Placid Lodge | Opal Grand Beachfront Resort & Spa | Samoset Resort | Hutchinson Shores Resort | Sunset Key Cottages |

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