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Welcome to the Wellness Series: Meet Tammy Fender

She puts the “OG” in organic and is bringing her decades-worth of wellness expertise to Opal’s own “OG” – Opal Grand that is.

In a world where we are “always on,” Tammy Fender – renowned holistic wellness and beauty pioneer – describes her spa as a sanctuary where it’s okay to collapse and be vulnerable. Only from there can you begin to heal.  And while Tammy Fender’s newest spa is best experienced oceanside and inside the expansive Opal Grand Oceanfront Resort & Spa, here, we’re kicking off a wellness series where we tap into the magic and mind of Tammy Fender herself to bring some holistic healing and special spa experiences to you right at home. 

About Tammy Fender

Over 25 years ago, Fender pioneered a movement towards natural, plant-based luxury skincare and holistic living. Guiding her clients on the path to lifestyle choices that enhance vitality on every level – body, mind, and spirit – Fender’s success is a combination of the astonishing results of her signature line of botanical beauty products and her unique approach to hands-on care.  Despite being a legend among an elite clientele, from Gwyneth Paltrow to Julianne Moore, Fender remains focused on all her clients in the spa daily as a holistic consultant and practitioner. 

Opal Grand Oceanfront Resort & (the Tammy Fender Holistic) Spa

“People have always retreated to South Florida for the healing qualities of the area,” says Fender, who grew up in South Florida and currently lives in Palm Beach County. “The ocean, the sunshine, the breeze, and the plants are our greatest healers. It’s what recalibrates us and our sense of self. Opal Grand knows that, and they took meticulous care to weave that into the property’s surroundings.” Indeed, the design of the property is airy and inviting, yet unhurried. Large circular skylights are anchored by towering trees and tropical potted plants. The 277 rooms, suites, and villas boast soothing hues and ocean blues with private balconies that look out to the sea or Atlantic Avenue. Living walls of greenery, palm fronds, live-edge wood, and other details summon the breeziness of the outdoors. Fender refers to the overall atmosphere of Opal Grand as “sacred in nature,” and this is precisely what sealed the deal in opening her second spa location here (her first has been based in West Palm Beach for almost 20 years).

Tammy Fender’s Signature Facial

When you hear that longtime clients of Tammy Fender look younger now than they did when they first began facials with her some 10-20 odd years ago, intrigue strikes! And while the Tammy Fender spa offers many incredible treatments from ancient times to cutting-edge services for your head-to-toe revival, you’d be remiss to not first and foremost indulge in Fender’s signature facial. “Rooted in the ancient traditions of holistic care, this treatment is customized to support you on every level. Gentle and rhythmic massage techniques enhance circulation, while oxygen therapy and custom blends of the purest botanical ingredients renew radiance, revealing an illuminated complexion. Simultaneously, precise reflex points on the feet are stimulated through 30 minutes of reflexology. This unforgettable, energetic experience re-balances the body, awakening inner and outer beauty.”

Slow Beauty

From the thoughtfully-curated client consultations to the care provided through the entire experience, the real goal of this spa is to be so much more than just that. The passion and love Fender and her team put into every component of the holistic experiences align with the ultimate goal of helping us all create lasting whole-body wellness. Fender’s slow beauty technique creates steps toward this balance with an offering of personal consultation, a stunning array of Fender’s own natural beauty products, and a full menu of beauty and body treatments that will keep you on the loyal road to a shining natural beauty with a calm and balanced interior to match.

The Wellness Series

We could all take a page, or ten, from Tammy Fender’s book of holistic wellness and self-care. And in this new series, that’s exactly what we’re going to do! From cleansing houseplants to add to your windowsill to at-home bathtub rituals, recommended essential oils, and guided meditations, this series aims to provide moments of peace no matter where you may be reading from. #MyOpalMoment

Stay with Us  Opal Grand Oceanfront Resort & Spa

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