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Meet Finn, West Street Hotel's Mascot Dog!

Arrive at the West Street Hotel, and you’ll find plenty of things to love: a stellar location, smack-dab in the middle of town, spectacular accommodations, and great bites and sips to boot. But frequent guests will note one other draw, perhaps the most endearing of them all – the hotel’s furry member, an English lab by the name of Finn. As West Street Hotel’s resident dog, Finn takes his job seriously. Every day, clocks in with his mom, general manager Nichole Sargent, and gets to work. His main responsibility? Bringing a big smile to people’s faces. 

And guests adore him for it. Case in point: The multitude of TripAdvisor reviews that mention Finn, the countless photos guests have taken with him over the years, and the many, many chew toys they’ve gifted him. So, if you’ve just booked a room (or are in the midst of planning your vacation), allow us to introduce you to your new best friend – at least for the duration of your stay. Here are some fun facts you need to know about Finn, and a few perks your own pooch can take advantage of, too.


1. He’s been the hotel’s mascot for 4 years

It was back in August of 2018 that Nichole first adopted Finn as an 8-week-old pup, and not too long after, brought him to the office. Since then, West Street Hotel has become Finn’s second home. He’s there every morning, and leaves the office with Nichole every evening. “He’s super mellow, super well-behaved,” Nichole says. “He lets himself out, goes to the bathroom, and comes back in.” He even celebrated his birthday at West Street Hotel!

2. He loves sunbathing!

During the day, you’ll often find him under the carport, basking in the afternoon sun and people-watching. “The general manager’s dog, Finn, was awesome and definitely added to our love of this hotel,” one guest wrote on TripAdvisor. “Finn would just wander around, step outside, and even curl up on the lobby sofas. He was so sweet.”

3. He adores the little ones

Finn loves everyone – but he has a soft spot for the kiddos. As a puppy, Finn had the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people from all parts of the world, and has developed a unique capacity for dog-human affection. His mild temper, laid-back personality, and maturity makes him particularly popular with the little ones.

4. … and other dogs

What’s more, because West Street Hotel is a dog-friendly establishment, Finn grew up surrounded by members of his species, and plays well with other furry hotel guests. Big, small, medium, young, old – Finn is always paw-ssionate about making new friends. 

5. There’s a special message on his collar 

As with most dogs, Finn’s name is etched on the tag hanging from his blue nylon collar. But flip it over and you’ll read: “I belong to West Street Hotel.” After four years of unconditional love and fun times, Finn has truly become a part of the West Street Hotel family, and a valued member of the Bar Harbor community. 

6. He often gets recognized in town

Yes, you might say Finn is somewhat of a celebrity in these parts. Anyone who’s ever stepped inside the West Street Hotel or stayed there has made a friend out of Finn – really, it’s impossible not to. “If I’m walking him down the street, people are like, ‘Oh my God, it’s Finn!’” Nichole says. “He knows more people than I do half the time.” 

7. He loves hiking in Acadia! 

When he’s not on the job, Finn loves to stretch his legs and burn off excess energy hiking through the Acadia National Park. “He’s hiked with me for years,” Nichole says. “Every time I go hiking, I take him with me.” (Fact: During his adventures in the wild, Finn has been quilled by a porcupine twice and sprayed by a skunk once!) 

8. He’s also an avid swimmer

Water is a divisive topic amongst our canine friends; they either love it or hate it. Finn belongs in the first camp. Whenever he sees a body of water, he makes a beeline for it. “He loves to swim,” Nichole says. “If we’re near the ocean or a puddle or anything like that, he’s rolling around it. He loves the water.” 

9. Most of his toys are gifts from guests

Finn is a proud toy collector, thanks in large part to thoughtful guests who leave parting gifts behind – a gesture of appreciation Finn never fur-gets! In fact, his go-to plaything is a Boston Bruins hockey stick toy, gifted by a guest. It has endured some powerful gnawing sessions and months and months of play. 

10. He can’t get enough of Greenies! 

“The landscapers are usually here in the morning when we come into work,” Nichole says. “The first thing he does is go up to them, and they always have a treat waiting for him.” His favorite? Greenies chewy dental sticks. The treats have become a staple at West Street Hotel, so much so that they’re included in the gift bag offered to guests’ furry friends who stay at the hotel (along with waste bags, a plush mat and bowls). 

11. Little Long Pond is his off-duty playground

When Finn’s not entertaining hotel guests, indulging in the serious business of people-watching or getting his fill of vitamin D, you’ll find him frolicking around Little Long Pond. Located just outside of Acadia National Park, Little Long Pond is a 1,000-acre off-leash park where pups can run around unrestrained – and it also happens to be one of Finn’s absolute favorites.

12. He’s modeled for Opal Paws!

When Finn was a puppy, he was featured in Opal Collection’s first “Opal Paws” photo shoot. He showed off all the added perks that come with traveling with your four-legged friend. These pup-approved goodie bags are filled with treats, food and water bowls, a plush Opal Paws mat, and waste bags!

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