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Florda and Maine beers

Battle of the Brews: Florida & Maine Craft Beer

Maine and Florida are two of the most hopping (and hoppy) states in America’s white-hot craft beer scene, but also a study in contrasts. We sample some highlights. The Maine craft beer scene dates back to the early ’90s, with legendary brewers like Allagash and Atlantic Brewing Company doing high-quality… Read More

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Jupiter and Naples

This or That: Jupiter or Naples

While vibrant Naples and sunny Jupiter are just two-and-a-half hours apart, two of Florida’s most popular beach cities boast very different Florida vacations for those seeking adventure in the Sunshine State. Best Wildlife Adventure Jupiter: Loggerhead Marinelife Center June Beach has become one of the most active nesting beaches for… Read More

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Latitudes restaurant

Different Latitudes for a Seafood Restaurant

When the Delray Sands Resort on Highland Beach introduced its newest restaurant, Latitudes in 2015, it vowed to take a different approach to a nautically infused menu and decor. Here, there are no salt-encrusted ropes, lobster traps, or weather-worn wooden signs that hang above tables – just pristine white… Read More

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Bloody Mary drink festival

Save the Date: 2015 Drink Festivals

The typical brewfest or wine event gets a fresh makeover at these events in OPAL destinations. Photo © The Bloody Mary Festival February Clearwater Beach Uncorked [Clearwater Beach, FL] It’s a beach party not to forget: Two days walking barefoot through Florida sands,… Read More

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